Design, animation and complete development of animation for projection mapping en Teatro Municipal de Santiago
Client: Banco de Chile (celebración 125 años)

Used Software: Maxon Cinema 4d / Insydium X-Particles / Redshift 3D / Adobe After Effects / Element 3D / Adobe Premiere / 

The concept of the project, design, and animation; revolve around the idea of ​​the "struggle between light and darkness", since Ludwig van Beethoven's ninth symphony could be interpreted in this way, or it is a metaphor for this, and how light can succeed.

The mapping is divided into 3 acts, using excerpts of 3 of 4 movements from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. (1st, 2nd and 4th movement).

Pictures of the projection
Frames of the full video:

A recording of the 1st day of the screening (poor quality):
Some images of the process:
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