These creations are part of a personal proyect and NFT series that I started publishing on,
called "Reactive Nature." Abstract, organic shapes are prone to change when certain things happen.

*It also helped me to search and achieve the reaction-diffusion/Spline growth techniques with X Particles and Cinema 4d. (Mini tutorial at the end)

Flower presentation and Breakdown
Cinema 4d Reactive-diffusion examples with fields and mograph.
If you are interested, you can learn a lot of these watching the
2018 Siggraph presentation of Tim Clapman
Screen capture mini-tutorial showing how to achieve spline growth or a similar look to reaction-diffusion with Xparticles and
Cinema 4d. I saw this technique being applied by Bogdan Toma on Vimeo ( Thank you!! ), but unfortunately, I could not get it to work properly on the latest versions of C4D or X particles.

I used the same method but with some simple adjustments and got it to work in the end. 
It should work with the latest versions of both software.
More experiments that I created using the same technique
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